Seed Packaging & Selling

Our Seed Packaging & Selling services epitomize our commitment to delivering excellence and innovation in the agricultural landscape. Each seed variety is carefully selected, cultivated, and packaged to meet the diverse needs of farmers, ensuring optimal growth, yield, and nutritional value.

Our Seed Varieties


Our high-quality maize seeds are meticulously chosen to guarantee optimal growth and maximum yield. We understand the critical role maize plays in the food security of Somalia, and our commitment is to provide farmers with seeds that are not only resilient but also contribute significantly to increased agricultural productivity.


WADANI takes pride in offering premium sorghum seeds renowned for their resilience and exceptional nutritional value. These seeds are tailored to withstand challenging environmental conditions, making them a reliable choice for farmers seeking sustainable and high-yielding sorghum crops.


Our sesame seeds stand out for their quality, flavor, and adaptability to various culinary applications. Whether used for direct consumption or oil extraction, WADANI’s sesame seeds are a testament to our dedication to providing versatile and nutritious options for both farmers and end-users.


Recognizing the nutritional significance of cowpeas, our nutrient-rich seeds are carefully processed and packaged to contribute to sustainable farming practices. These seeds not only enhance soil fertility but also serve as a valuable protein source, aligning with our commitment to holistic agricultural solutions.


WADANI’s sunflower seeds are chosen for their versatility, suitable for both culinary use and oil extraction purposes. These seeds undergo rigorous quality control measures to ensure that farmers receive seeds that are not only rich in oil content but also well-suited for diverse applications in the kitchen.


Germination Testing

Every batch of seeds undergoes thorough germination testing to guarantee viability and strong, healthy plant growth.

Purity Checks

We employ advanced techniques to ensure the purity of our seeds, free from contaminants and unwanted elements.

Packaging Excellence

Seeds are packaged using materials that preserve their quality and vitality, safeguarding them from environmental factors and maintaining their integrity until they reach the hands of farmers.