WADANI’s desire is upgrading the shortage of grain in
the market for food security by producing and processing high quality Seeds to improve both the value chain and sustainable crop production of
the Somalia farming communities .

Local small seed oil production. Fresh extra virgin linseed oil extraction process
Storage facility cereals, and bio gas production

foster sustainable agricultural practices in Somalia.

WADANI Agro Cooperative, stands as a leading force in the agricultural landscape of Somalia. Dedicated to mastering the art of quality grain and seed production, processing, and packaging, we have been at the forefront of addressing food security challenges in partnership with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC – Somalia). With a commitment to excellence, sustainability, and community impact, WADANI is positioned as a reliable and innovative contributor to Somalia’s agricultural development.

Our Services

Grain Production

Through our Grain Production services, we offer a comprehensive range of assistance to farmers, aiming to enhance sustainable crop production practices.

Seed Packaging & Selling

By offering a diverse array of high-quality seeds, WADANI Agro Cooperative aims to empower farmers with the resources they need to cultivate robust crops.

Seed Production & Processing

WADANI Agro Cooperative’s commitment to excellence in seed production and processing is evident in every seed we deliver.